PRISM™ Association Platform

A cost-effective, all-inclusive solution which works for your assocation

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Evolusent is pleased to offer our powerful, comprehensive platform to associations across the globe. As a tried-and-true web solution – we offer you robust site and user administration, flexible content re-purposing and unparalleled peace-of-mind. Based on our simple, yet powerful content management software – we offer a cost-effective and all-inclusive web solution that is perfect for any Association with a website(s), users, online products and corporate events.

Built on our flexible platform – the PRISM™ CMS – our Association Package can mold to any platform, database or standardized technology on the net. Whether you’re in need of content management, membership security, portal functionality, e-commerce, newsletters, social or mobile – PRISM™ is the only system on the ‘net which offers all of these  solutions inside of one dead-simple interface.

The key features of our platform include:


Associations Package Features

1. Content Management

Control everything that you see on your websites or applications! Our package features comprehensive file directories and a WYSIWYG editor, allowing you to update, design and write for your website without any technical web knowledge. Manage your website – your way.

• Control a wide variety of different content formats including:

> Video
> Documents
> Surveys
> Graphics and Images

• Multilingual Versioning
• Easily manage Workflow – “Who controls what in the system?”
• Publication Triggers – set up your content updates in advance
• Simple categorization – through “content tagging”
• Manage multiple Micro-sites and Member Areas with ease
• Manage SEO (Google Search) properties of your content


2. Advanced Contact Profile Management

Websites are typically tricky to build for associations – they are often required to cater to many different target audiences and memberships simultaneously. However, our association’s package has been tailored for this specific purpose – allowing you to juggle multiple audiences and memberships with ease.

• Easily manage each user’s Contact Details and Web Preferences
• Customizable Member Types – assign custom properties to each “user group”
• Communication and Community Subscriptions
• Committee Membership, History and Dues
• Professional Development Profile – allow your members to progress through your site:

> Education
> Certifications
> Affiliations

• Assign organizational Roles and Hierarchies – in simple list format
• Secure Login and Password Retrieval for Members
• Member Dues (Invoicing and Payment)
• Member Profile Self-Care – users can independently update account information


3. Event & Conference Management

Public conferences and events are an important part of any association – from technical industry conferences to networking events. Our package features a comprehensive calendar system which allows you to control all aspects of your corporate events – online!

• Effortless Event Scheduling – with an interactive online calendar
• Simple Event Registration and Administration – easily control where, when, who and how much
• Add context to your events – perfect for conferences and live training:

> Administer specific audiences by membership, location, etc
> Assign Specific Sessions (ie. “time slots”) for your event
> Attach Extras – additional documentation, brochures, media

• Full communication between registrants – dispatch personalized e-mails/newsletters


4. Multi-Platform Content Delivery

Our package features a one-of-a-kind content repurposing engine. In other words, any content you place into the system can be flexibly applied across all of your media platforms, including:

• Web
• Social
• E-newsletters
• Mobile
• And many more


5. E-commerce and Online Payment Processing

Our package hosts a variety of eCommerce tools which will help your organization thrive online:• Gorgeous online product catalogs

• Shopping cart functionality
• Direct payment set-up for each member
• Co-ordinate with Event Registration (ex. Registration Fee includes “Product”)
• Easily organize Invoices and Receipts


6. Reporting

Our package offers a wide variety of analytics tools – giving you great insight into how your audiences are using your digital assets. Get tangible results on:

• Website Activity
• Sales Reports
• Member Dues
• Online Surveys
• Mobile Activity


7. Distributed Administrative Roles

Manage your entire member database with blissful ease! With the click of a button, assign any of your members as:

• Website Administrators
• Content Managers
• Member Administrators
• Chapter Site Administrators
• Event Administrators
• Community Administrators
• Committee Administrators
• Discussion Forum Moderators
• And many more


8. Content Archiving

Our package offers a plethora of content archiving tools; allowing you to host hundreds–to-thousands of organized and accessible content items on your site, including:

• News
• Press Releases
• Articles
• Document Resources
• Videos, Flash and Multimedia


9. Community Portals

Transform your website from a simple information outlet into a fully interactive community! With our community portals functionality, you can create multiple micro-sites for as many local chapters or sub-communities as you like!

• Aggregate your News or Recent Content
• Give your audiences a voice, and promote local discussion
• Establish an unlimited number of chapter sites
• Repurpose content across each platform
• Establish seat history for each member
• Post custom downloads for each chapter (agendas, meeting minutes, etc)


10. Content Tagging

Maximize your content across all Community Portals and micro sites! Our content tagging feature allows you to automatically aggregate community related content, or offer exclusive content, throughout each Community Home Pages – with the click of a button.


11. Blogs

Create a running dialogue with your audience; promote open community discussion amongst your audience, allowing cross-collaboration from subject matter experts and the local community. Cultivate knowledge in your industry with our proprietary blogging platform and discussion forums. This feature also pairs beautifully with our Community Portal functionality.


12. Multimedia Gallery (Photo Reels, Video, Audio)

Easily create your very own multimedia center; a gorgeous venue to host photo galleries, audio and video content. Let your audience navigate your beautiful media archives in high resolution.

• Photos
• Galleries (or “Reels”)
• Videos
• Audio
• Video Conversion; size and formats
• File Hosting


13. Career Portal

The web provides a fruitful opportunity for employers and employees alike to connect and exchange credentials. Our package provides a variety of tools to help you – the employer – connect with the perfect candidates for the job.

• Job Postings
• Professional Development Events
• Networking Events


14. Website Search

It’s great to have a website where you can showcase all of your company news, events and media – however, your content needs to be easily attainable. With our association’s package, you’ll have full power to configure what needs to be included (or excluded) in your website’s search functionality.

• Configuration for groups, or individual content items
• Frequent indexing for site-wide search