e-Learning Solutions

Heightening your service standards with an educated, motivated workforce

Evolusent hosts a diverse team of Learning Professionals – from classroom teachers and instructional designers to technical developers. Our eclectic mix of professionals gives us tremendous leverage for creating effective Courseware and e-Learning Solutions. Our key solutions and services include:


> InsightU Custom Courseware

Evolusent features a highly integrated team of Instructional Systems Designers and Graphic Artists. We work closely with our clients to identify their training requirements through a comprehensive needs analysis. This enables us to develop engaging instructional modules/programs, founded in instructional design principles, but with a design flair that makes the curriculum accessible, retainable and, most importantly – enjoyable!

> InsightU LMS / Learning Portal

Whether it’s being used in harmony with other Evolusent learning services, or whether you plan on using your own content, our new Learning Management System is the ideal platform to manage and deliver your eLearning. Our LMS/Portal is a scalable, robust platform; complete with an intuitive set of tools designed to keep you at the forefront of eLearning administration. This latest edition of our LMS features more dynamic controls and management of user portals than ever before.

> InsightU eLearning Course Catalogue

InsightU Course Catalogue is a collection of off-the-shelf eLearning courses prepared by the Evolusent team, bundled with an LMS – an ideal training option for businesses operating on tight timelines and budgets. The courses in the InsightU Course Catalogue have been designed to fit the needs of any business looking to effectively train their employees in common industry standards and practices – from sales to safety to standard legislation.


Evolusent’s e-Learning Solutions are built on the mantra that “the Learner comes first”. Our instructional strategy strives to find perfect harmony between who your learners are, and what they need to learn. We carefully study each client’s organizational objectives – defining and organizing them – creating an efficient and engaging route for your learners to follow. We ensure your organizational goals are met through the practical application of highly interactive learning content, always with the learner in mind.

Major organizations find a competitive advantage in our approach, and continue to reap the benefits of an empowered workforce:

> Higher worker productivity, job satisfaction and loyalty.
> Dramatically decreased turnover rates.
> Improved commitment to corporate goals.

Maintaining a motivated and skilled workforce also hosts a variety of indirect benefits; such as increased sales, profits and even customer loyalty. With our e-learning platform, give your personnel a professional resource – not a course. Provide valuable skills – not irritating prerequisites. And invest in your most powerful asset – your employees!