InsightU Learning Platform

Train your personnel with thorough analytic, creative and academic control

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Whether it’s being used in harmony with other Evolusent learning services, or whether you plan on using your own content, our new Learning Content Management System is the ideal platform to manage and deliver your eLearning. Our LMCS is a scalable, robust platform; complete with an intuitive set of tools designed to keep you at the forefront of eLearning administration. This latest edition of our LCMS features more dynamic controls and management of user portals than ever before.

Offering thorough analytic, creative and academic control at your fingertips; enjoy a vast array of tools that effectively train your personnel.

Course Builder Tool

A cutting-edge tool; it’s a great new feature of our LMCS. And it’s called Course Builder — because that’s exactly what it does.

Our tight-knit teams of developers have constructed a new software tool — a gracefully intuitive interface — which empowers you to build entire custom courses; complete with custom functionality, buttons, page logic, quizzes, and so much more.

This gives you a cost-effective alternative to custom courseware development; and gives you an environment where the SME can get behind the wheel. It gives you unlimited control of the look, feel and message of your course – but with non-technical controls that anybody can learn. If you can use Microsoft Word, or send an e-mail; you will be warmly greeted with similar controls and functions inside of Course Builder.

Course Builder makes cross-platform optimization a snap. The entire system is created with non-Flash mobile optimization in top of mind. In other words, the courses you create in Course Builder will function seamlessly across Apple products, mobile devices and tablets – just as well as it functions on your own computer! With Course Builder, you can literally create both E and M learning Courseware – simultaneously.

But, don’t fret — if you don’t have time to build your own, you can just as easily upload our custom-made, or 3rd party courses directly into the system; either SCORM or non-SCORM compliant.

LMS Functionality

Our LCMS isn’t only about creating your own courses. No matter if it’s self-made, custom-made or 3rd party courseware – our LCMS system is a natural extension that will implement your training materials with ease and efficiency.

Our LCMS is flexible to the specific purposes you need it for – and you can organize it however you’d like. It can function as a stand-alone entity, or a full-scale Portal; intuitively organizing varied content, links and media for your users precisely how you see fit. Your dashboard is entirely configurable in this fashion; you build it based on what you want to see, and what you want to do with it!

With Evolusent’s LCMS platform, you can…

  • Exhibit full control of your training programs – from individual courses to programs as-a-whole. From course attributes, to even the full course content; manage all aspects of your training with an unprecedented level of control
  • How important is this course to a single user? Multiple users? Groups of users? Is your course required or supplementary? With our simple user groups’ interface, you can assign course relationships to single or multiple users/groups – and even assign “retake” periods
  • Upload any rich media asset (Flash, Videos, Images, PDFs, Documents, Spreadsheets, Powerpoint) you need! With an extensive media library, you can give your users access to all media as stand-alone items, part of a program or embedded right into courses created with Course Builder
  • A brand new Analytics/Reporting Suite accompanies this iteration – illustrating ever-deeper insights into how your learners are using, comprehending and applying the course information
  • Manage relationships between courses – Assign pre-requisites, quizzes and surveys, supplemental materials, and build logic throughout your training program
  • Create your own course completion certificates/awards. When someone completes your course – what does that entitle them to? Assign a clear destiny to your users and give them credentials they can use
  • Upload third party courseware (Scorm and Non-Scorm compliant) directly into our system. Don’t feel like building an entire course? No problem! Courseware of all varieties will work perfectly in our LCMS.
  • Support and capacity for Multiple Languages (English, French, Spanish, German, etc.)
  • Fully customizable user dashboard – pick and choose exactly what you want to want to see, and what matters to you in your interface!
  • Robust eCommerce integration offers your users different tiers of products, certificates courses with our secure commerce system.
  • Offline Training Event Calendars, offering the ability to schedule in-class learning events completely offline, and giving learners the ability to securely register for in-class learning events.
  • And so much more!

Our LCMS is flexible and simple-to-use, but it’s not restrained. Take the reins and control your learning experience — your way.