PRISM™ Platform

Everything your association needs and your customers expect – in one extensive package

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In 2000, we launched our flagship product – the PRISM™ CMS platform. Our “Professional Internet Site Manager” was a lucrative success from the get-go, and was quickly adopted by Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Acclaimed for its’ ubiquity, flexibility and ease-of-use, the PRISM™ CMS Platform is ever-popular – and is still the CMS platform of choice for major associations.

Since its’ initial release 12 years ago – it has been organically grown to meet the ever-changing standards of the web. Today, the end result is an all-encompassing system – which can mold to any platform, database, or standardized technology on the net. If you require more than an “out-of-the-box” solution, PRISM™ is the answer. In essence, no matter what your unique configuration is – it can be hooked up to PRISM™ seamlessly.



PRISM™ empowers it’s users with a wide range of functionality, including:

• Code Management (PHP, HTML, CSS, ColdFusion, JavaScript)
• Web Content Management
• CRM/Member Management/Surveys
• Newsletter/E-Communications
• Product Management/e-Commerce Management/Transaction Integration
• Content Syndication Engine – publish content across multiple platforms simultaneously
• Cloud Scalability Integration
• Native Mobile App Platform
• Comprehensive Analytics for Web & Mobile
• Digital Publishing (TurnIt™)
• Multi-lingual content management
• Video and Web Based Learning Platform (Course ware Builder / Social Integration)
• Manage workflow and security
• And much, much more



PRISM™ – as a flexible CMS platform – has  an ample range of capabilities, including:

• Design and manage multiple websites/mobile applications
• Control all Multimedia – from images to video – with an immense media library
• Administrate your users, subscribers, and customers
• Transfer Data between multiple servers
• Create and Dispatch Newsletters/Surveys/Traffic and Ad reports
• On demand video conversion/steaming
• SEO with thorough meta configuration
• Flexible database synchronization
• Online Store / E-Commerce Integration
• Professional Certification Platform
• Live Sports Scorekeeper Applications
• HR Management Applications
• Social Media Applications
• And much, much more


What is PRISM™?

PRISM™ is a comprehensive, all-in-one integrated online content management platform. What does this mean? Today’s online enterprise has moved beyond simple websites providing information to a public audience. Content Management, Membership Security, Portal functionality, E-newsletters, E-commerce, RSS feeds, Social Networking, Mobile applications, and community-driven content have all become key elements in the success of any online endeavor.  PRISM™ is the only online application to provide all of these elements as a fully-integrated solution.

Built around a flexible, scalable XML-SQL hybrid database model, PRISM™ provides organizations with the capabilities to deploy, customize and administer their own fully featured online environment.  PRISM™ places no restrictions on design – and with fully developed APIs and code libraries – it allows for the development and integration of virtually any online application. New applications can be fully developed within the PRISM™ CMS Platform, and existing external applications may be integrated with its’ pre-built features.



The PRISM™ approach is far more pragmatic and cost-effective than custom-built web solutions:

> PRISM™ has over a decade of R&D invested into it; Evolusent stands behind our product with 100% confidence.

> It is a proven solution; adopted by major organizations for many years.

> It is rigidly secure and constantly fortified; opposed to Open-Source solutions which are typical victims of hacking.

> PRISM™ contains many pre-built functions which are desirable in a modern organization’s website; providing a quick, cost-effective and proven method to construct a state-of-the-art association website.

Based on over a decade of experience with major organizations, we recommend that your association builds its’ websites, micro-sites and applications on our PRISM™ CMS platform. It is the single most cost-effective way to continually deploy, build and maintain the web presence of your association. And with a single monthly fee, you will receive an unparalleled all-inclusive support package – including your PRISM™ license, regular system support, ongoing live training, a custom-written training manual and hosting of the website/micro-sites/applications.

Take control of your associations’ web presence – with the most powerful and flexible CMS platform on the market.