Retail Learning Solutions

Evolusent hosts a diverse team of Learning Professionals – from classroom teachers and instructional designers to technical developers. Our eclectic mix of professionals gives us tremendous leverage for creating effective Course ware and Learning Solutions.

The philosophy of Evolusent’s Learning Solutions has always been to put the Learner first. Our instructional strategy is tailored to find perfect harmony between who your learners are – and what they need to learn. After thorough analysis, we develop engaging instructional/training materials which make our information accessible, retainable – and most importantly, enjoyable!

Major retail associations find sanctuary in our approach, and continue to reap the benefits of an empowered workforce:

> Higher worker productivity, job satisfaction and loyalty.
> Dramatically decreased turnover rates.
> Improved commitment to corporate goals.

Maintaining a motivated and skilled workforce also hosts a variety of indirect benefits; such as increased sales, profits and even customer loyalty. Give your personnel a professional resource – not a course. Provide valuable skills – not irritating prerequisites. And invest in your most powerful asset – your employees!


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