Our Story

Insight into how we came to be...

Web Impact was started in 1994 as a professional services company to help organizations in the early days of the internet to understand and harness the new medium.

By 1998, the year the company was incorporated, Web Impact had become a well known professional services firm. By now, the company had a client list comprising of major corporations, professionals associations, and media companies.

In year 2000, the company took a new bold step forward by launching an R&D initiative to create a comprehensive content management software. The resulting product was called PRISM™, which stands for Professional Internet Site Manager.

PRISM™ was a success right from the start. Major organizations adopted PRISM™ as their main content management solution. Over the years, some of the largest, most important and respected organizations have selected PRISM™ as their content management solution.

In 2007, Web Impact bought Lifestyle Magazine and grew it from a magazine in the Maritimes with a 5,000 circulation to an internationally distributed property with a circulation of 100,000.

InsightU, an e-learning and training company, came under the Evolusent umbrella in 2009 and it continues to grow, providing some of the world’s largest corporations with learning content.

In 2012, Evolusent will continue its expansion to the US and UK, continuously innovating in technology, media and leaning. This is a future forward company after all.


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