Social Media Services

Strengthen your marketing efforts with effective, relevant social strategy

We understand the importance and value of a strong Social Media presence, and that’s why Evolusent is active and involved throughout many social networks.

If you’re already active, let’s connect!


If you’re not active, or not sure where to start – we can help you get there. We can identify your current position in the social scene, and work with you to…

• Create a social strategy blueprint
• Create or strengthen your social profiles and blogs
• Refine your brand voice through relevant posts and acute, targeted content
• Manage your on-going Social Media presence


Our Social Milestones:

Within the first month of implementing our own unique Social strategy…

• There was a 210% increase in our Klout Influence (3rd party analysis of total Social influence and impressions across our network)

• We experienced a 594% increase in our Twitter follower base

• We received a 2000% increase in “Likes” on our Facebook page

• The followers from our corporate LinkedIn account grew 4900 %

• Overall, we experienced a 106% increase in total impressions on our social network


It’s a relationship like no other.

Simply put, Social Media is a personal relationship with your customers. And, just like in real life – you get back what you put into those relationships. Maybe’s it’s good word of mouth. Maybe it’s the traffic. Maybe it’s giving back to your community.

But one thing we can all agree on, Social Media is becoming increasingly crucial for the success of online ventures. Your company isn’t simply a “company” anymore; it’s a genuine living, breathing entity with its’ own personality.

It’s a brave new social world out there. So, don’t be a stranger!